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One reason why couples inevitably fall into fighting is because of unmet needs. Angry feelings are the natural by-products of frustrated needs. Anger is also an emotional smoke-screen that conceals the more vulnerable feelings of hurt, sadness and fear. According to the author, conflict resolution depends largely on the way in which negotiation is initiated and overseen.

She has outlined the ideal and less-than-ideal ways to begin a discussion. Jamie Turndorf argues that relationship must be fed its own essential nutrients constantly.

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A starving relationship cannot survive. In a world teeming with circumstantial widows and widowers, it is timely and should help many couples sort out their differences with the help of the book. Feb 08, Candi Ruffalo rated it it was amazing. I love this book. It just makes sense when Dr. Love says it. Reading this book is like holding her in your hands and having her speak to you directly in a way that's loving, supportive, clear, and no-nonsense.

Every chapter leads you right into the next. It reads so fluidly that you'll find you're half way through the book before you know it. Then you'll have to finish it! Whether or not you think you can benefit from her wisdom, you certainly can and will.

Love is your guide. Jan 24, Brent rated it it was amazing. I'm sure that if Dr. Jamie Turndorf wanted to, she could write a dense, academic tome about the psychology of marital conflict. Lucky for us, that is not what she does in her books. In Kiss Your Fights Goodbye, she shows once again her gift for simple, practical and even funny!

This I'm sure that if Dr.


This is a book full of clearly-explained solutions to universal relationship problems, a how-to manual that empowers average readers to take charge of their own happiness. But her chapters are not fluffy, empty, "5 easy steps. Kiss Your Fights Goodbye is aimed first at women, and for good reason: the woman is the most relationship-focused member in the large majority of couples. However, as a male reader, I can testify that this book is absolutely beneficial to men as well. There is no reason for it to be limited to heterosexual relationships either. The principles apply to whatever form of intimate relationship you may be in.

There are two of Dr. Turndorf's precepts in particular that I found to be the most important tools for me you would likely choose others. First, the hard-wired male chemistry of fight-or-flight, otherwise known as ANS Autonomic Nervous System arousal, results in a sort of mental shutdown in the face of a perceived attack by a mate.

I know it happens; I've experienced it. And as long as I am aware of that completely normal reaction, I can observe myself going there, and I can do my best to push past it into listening and relating. Second, perhaps my favorite, is what she calls Old Scars. This one is not gender-specific. It refers to the emotional wounds each of us still carries from childhood, and how our subconscious tries over and over again to heal those wounds through our current relationships.

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Trouble is, without awareness of this dynamic, those attempts to heal are doomed to fail because they are accompanied by the same old behavior patterns. It is crucially important to recognize your own old scars and discuss them with your partner, in order to escape the destructive, repetitive dance. Finally, I like the no-nonsense way that Dr.

Turndorf puts the reins in the hands of her readers. Kiss Your Fights Goodbye offers a real path to relationship healing, but it doesn't occur by magic; it takes alert awareness and diligent effort. I'll let this quote from the final chapter sum it up: "You can continue to do what you've been doing or you can do what works. The choice is yours. Jan 25, Kris K rated it it was amazing. I highly recommend it!

Whether you are in a relationship or not, this book helps you identify patterns within yourself that may be holding you back from having the best relationship possible — step by step advice that is easy to understand and put into practice. For some time now, Dr. Turndorf a. Love has been my "Go-To" person for advice concerning my relationships via her website or radio shows. When it comes to love and relationships, there is no one else I trust more than Dr. Her advice is clear and thorough. In the book, Dr. For me, the book was a huge eye-opener. I could relate with some old scars and patterns of behaving that I know keep me from having the best relationship possible.

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After reading her book, I have started to put her step-by-step plan in place and am seeing great results in my current relationship. We are having less arguments now and instead, are communicating. What is also great about her book is the ability to identify the scars your partner may have. Once you do, Dr. Love gives you tips on how to best communicate with your partner based on this information. For me, this book has been a huge blessing. If you want to have the best relationship possible with your partner or future partner, get this book.

Keep it as part of your love arsenal and use it to improve how you relate. Goodbye my dear friend. The last lesson that old man left me to figure out was death. I was 32 and, up to that point, my family had been intact. That goodbye is a summation of events, right? At the end of an evening with friends it puts a pin in the last several hours of joy. Now, more than ever, when I depart from loved ones and friends, I make sure to get the hug and I make sure I say goodbye. What would it say if I were acknowledging their deaths?

Because, it was absolutely not fine. Or would facing that bittersweet conversation head on have given them some kind of peace at the end? Was there any closure or finality they needed that could have made them more comfortable? I doubt either of them pondered whether I loved them, but in saying that goodbye I could have let them know how deeply they were loved.

Just a few weeks ago I made a quick stop at the grocery store with my daughter. I felt instant tears. Instant hot, streaming tears that soaked my face and took my breath away.

I turned down an empty aisle, gripped the cart, and sobbed. My 8-year-old daughter stared at me in the fumbling way I do to her when she falls apart out of nowhere over seemingly nothing at all. Four years and ten months later I marvel at how that song still breaks me the moment those first notes are struck.


To Kiss My Beloved Good-Bye

I was ill-equipped to handle that reality. It was a year before I could feel the ground beneath my feet. Grief fills up all the empty spaces in your heart and head, so it likely would have found something else to wrap its gnarled hands around for me to obsess about. Almost a year after their deaths, my family moved out of our home and put everything in storage so that we could spent six months traveling. We spent that time exploring the entire east coast and redefining how we love, work, play, and live.