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We set up business appointments and honour them religiously, but our health can always wait. Be focused mentally on achieving good health Good health is a life-long commitment. We may go off course sometimes, but hey, everybody does Get right with God and people Good health is not merely the absence of disease, but also the physical, mental and social well being of an individual. Thus sayeth the wise men at the World Health Organization. Ever wondered why people who are God-fearing seem so content? Do not bear grudges.

You waste precious time you could use this time to exercise to relieve stress ; you waste precious sleep; and you actually injure your health. There is very interesting data from recent research, for people with similar conditions such as high blood pressure : it was found that after surgery assuming all other factors remain the same , the prayerful one gets a better outcome.

Ten commandments for the future of ageing research in the UK: a vision for action

So, prayer does work!!! Exercise appropriately and regularly Exercise your mind and body regularly, and your heart, brain and all other organs will sing a melodious tune for over three-score and ten years. Read wide and often.

Why ageing research?

Solve puzzles when you can — these exercise the brain and ward off forgetfulness, etc. This is feared by many, but when done right, has tremendous gains. This increases the flexibility of our joints, and reduces our chances of injury.

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Unless you have been advised by your doctor to avoid one or all of the above, you are doing yourself a great disservice by restricting your options. Eat right Who eats once a day and has his or her weight in check? They do not work!!! What we need to watch is the quantity, contents and timing of our eating.

Breakfast is a must, to jump-start our metabolism, and, for kids to do well in school, they definitely need to break the long fast by 8. Lunch between 12 noon and 2pm is ideal, and it would have been nice to have supper by 6.

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In between our main meals, we may take a snack a fruit is a wonderful option. Sometimes you may need supplements, especially if you exercise vigorously. However, for the average person, a good multivitamin may just be what the doctor recommended. Water is extremely important for the proper functioning of our body, and there are several sources of this water — food, beverages, etc. Several factors determine how much water we need: physical activity, weather conditions, disease states, and so on, but on the average, two litres of water a day is adequate about 8 glasses of water.

There are minor differences in the needs of the sexes, but this is a good approximation. How do we lose water? Through sweat, talking, urine and stools. Some of us hate the idea of drinking water and will only go near a glass when we feel thirsty. Thirst itself means we have deprived our body for too long. Drink frequently, and do not use thirst as the measure. The chances of a healthy person drinking much more than the body can tolerate are slim.

Ten commandments for the future of ageing research in the UK: a vision for action

If the Almighty found it prudent to rest, how come mere mortals think we can keep going continuously and still perform well? Rest is good, but sleep is even better. Pastor Doug will help you discover the ultimate meaning of God's law and what it could mean for the world if we all began following it in our hearts and lives.

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