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To save their kingdom, a quiet blacksmith must fulfill her destiny.

A stubborn knight. Only together can they save a broken kingdom. Both books are also available as audiobooks and narrated by the awesome Luke Daniels. I also write, and here are my books so far :. No comments Mihir over at FantasyBookCritic posted an interview with me and Andreas ,the artist for the new cover art for the Castes and the OutCastes. We shared our perspectives on how the new artwork came about.

All along, working with Andreas was a fantastic collaborative experience. So excited by how they turned out! Exciting, right? Look for it in either late November or early December I hope. Good question. The Servitor of Sinskrill has learned the location of Arylyn. William must find a way to fight off an invasion he knows is coming. The Overward of the necrosed, Sapient Dormant, awakens. He has fresh prey in mind: William, who he infects with anger. Serena finds her place on Arylyn and will do anything to save her home.

Rukh and Jessira train the magi of Arylyn to fight.

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And Lord Shet on the faraway world of Seminal has plans of his own. Mysteries are slowly revealed. Who is Cinder Shade and how is he related to Rukh?

Then a whole bunch of battles take place, stuff gets blown up, and the Kesarins, Aia and Shon, charge into the fray. William Wilde was always meant to include the characters of The Castes and the OutCastes , and, yes, it can be thought of as a continuation of sorts of that series.

And Seminal, a world of ancient legends and myths, of epic stories and lies, will figure prominently in my future writings. I went to DragonCon this year as an attending pro, which was absolutely fantastic. I met some really great people, fellow authors and artists. It was phenomenal to be surrounded by so many people who shared my nerdy interests and got all my geek references.

I also met some wonderful people who enjoyed my books so much that they came to DragonCon and wanted to meet me. That was an incredibly humbling experience and also really, really cool. Think Conan in dragon form mixed with the Punisher. Raz, the Monster or Karth, is really that badass. I wish I could steal him. Dyrk Ashton was also at the house. Plus, Bryce and Dyrk are awesome guys.

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We had such a great time at DragonCon. One of my best weekends in years. Miss it already.

Book II, Chapter 4

I also created a glossary for it. Portions of it will be placed at the end of each ebook. I also created a summary for each book, and those will go at the beginning of each book. While I was doing this, I realized how complicated William Wilde has become. I thought it would be a simple adventure story, but nope, it decided to expand and explode in detail and depth.

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All sorta griping aside, I really like how William Wilde is turning out. I ended up watching Justified. It stars Timothy Oliphant and features an absolute stellar cast of actors and writers. I cannot recommend this show highly enough. The writing and acting is simply superb. After watching Justified , most every other show seems bland and boring. Football season started.

Go Bengals!

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Just click the link and enter a chance to win a month Audible. You get the drift. Muscled my way through a few years of tastelessness. It was the brussels sprouts that finally opened my mind to the fact that some things were simply not meant to be eaten. Sweet things … They spy me out from three city blocks and call me by name. Especially the pastries. We hurry down the stairway, shoes padding on the deep carpet.

Reaching the first deck, we take our place near the tail of an impossibly long queue. I like watching people, guessing their stories, working out the motives that drive them. Behind me is a tall Indian woman who looks without seeing, her thoughts held captive by whatever marches into her skull through the white earphone wires. Watching the crisis is too stressful. I turn away. He has dark stringy hair and an Italian ferocity to the lines of his nose and chin. The brunette beside him with the subdued eyes looks decidedly stamped on.

Shiny metal, it seems, gets more respect from this man than his wife. The way they stand together speaks of familiarity that has sunk into an easy disregard. Short-lived explosive beginnings without any real plans for tomorrow. I look around for their opposite and spot them at a distance.

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A silver-old pair, talking. She has to lean in towards his hearing aid at times, but does so without annoyance.

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Small, controlled flames, maintained, cooking up something to be shared. Sometimes the person with the commanding perspective on the battle is standing on the hill, not buried in the fray. Gold-watch in front of me turns to his wife and asks her something. A scalpel is the image to represent it.

I like to get down to the heart of matters—especially where things went wrong. I like applying sociology to history. Understanding the errors of the past is the best way to prevent them spoiling the future. I mean by someone I like. Dating, it seems, is not my superpower. The more I talk, the worse it goes. Perhaps I talk a lot, and perhaps my interests are a little strange and eclectic. Few people get my ironic humour.

Alina is too distracted for conversation, so I pull out my fortieth anniversary edition of The Sociological Imagination, by Mills. Even the gloomy cover design makes it look like a tough read. I notice a lady next to me sunk in a paperback. The low word density on the open pages and the loud splashes of red and gold on the cover tell me exactly what kind of book it is. I return my attention to the real book in my hands. I wonder if anyone notices me, if they have to suppress flutters of awe. She steps a little farther out, providing a less obstructed view for someone behind us.

This is all a game to her, but I worry for my sister. Aunt Trudy was never a popular name in our house, and after that night when my father woke us all with his yelling over the phone, we were actually forbidden to mention her for a time. But that event seemed to have vanished from memory when our parents sat us down and asked how we would like to visit our aunt in Ireland. The excitement of the whole thing swept me past a few incongruous details, but now that the turbulence has died down, those details are bobbing to the surface. I lower my voice. I overheard words like accountant and money and tax a few times when I walked past.

This is a holiday. And you need to stop thinking things to death. I warned you that all that reading was going to fill your mind with weird ideas.