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Control of Microbial Growth The control of microbial growth is necessary in many practical situations, and significant advances in agriculture, medicine, and food science have been made through study of this area of microbiology. This control is affected in two basic ways: 1 by killing microorganisms or 2 by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms. Control of growth usually involves the use of physical or chemical agents which either kill or prevent the growth of microorganisms.

Agents which kill cells are called cidal agents; agents which inhibit the growth of cells without killing them are referred to as static agents. Thus, the term bactericidal refers to killing bacteria, and bacteriostatic refers to inhibiting the growth of bacterial cells.

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A bactericide kills bacteria, a fungicide kills fungi, and so on. In microbiology, sterilization refers to the complete destruction or elimination of all viable organisms in or on a substance being sterilized. There are no degrees of sterilization: an object or substance is either sterile or not. Sterilization procedures involve the use of heat, radiation or chemicals, or physical removal of cells. Methods of Sterilization Heat : most important and widely used. For sterilization one must consider the type of heat, and most importantly, the time of application and temperature to ensure destruction of all microorganisms.

Endospores of bacteria are considered the most thermoduric of all cells so their destruction guarantees sterility. Incineration : burns organisms and physically destroys them. Used for needles, inoculating wires, glassware, etc. Boiling : o for 30 minutes.

Tender call for supply of Surgical Sutures & Medical Consumables to VIMSAR Burla.

Kills everything except some endospores. Autoclaving steam under pressure or pressure cooker Autoclaving is the most effective and most efficient means of sterilization. These two variables are extremely important.

Higher temperatures ensure more rapid killing. Longer times are needed for larger loads, large volumes of liquid, and more dense materials. Autoclaving is ideal for sterilizing biohazardous waste, surgical dressings, glassware, many types of microbiologic media, liquids, and many other things.


However, certain items, such as plastics and certain medical instruments e. When proper conditions and time are employed, no living organisms will survive a trip through an autoclave. Schematic diagram of a laboratory autoclave in use to sterilize microbiological culture medium. Sterilization of microbiological culture media is is often carried out with the autoclave. When microbiological media are prepared, they must be sterilized and rendered free of microbial contamination from air, glassware, hands, etc.

An autoclave for use in a laboratory or hospital setting. Why is an autoclave such an effective sterilizer? The autoclave is a large pressure cooker; it operates by using steam under pressure as the sterilizing agent. High pressures enable steam to reach high temperatures, thus increasing its heat content and killing power. Most of the heating power of steam comes from its latent heat of vaporization. The clinical diagnosis of brain death implies that the person has died. When the clinical criteria of brain death are met, it allows organ donation or withdrawal of futile support. Without being unnecessarily hostile to the press, one can argue that the representation of comatose states in the media is concerning.

Families confronted with this often unexpected loss of life understand this strictly defined neurological condition well.

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Unfortunately, the legal cases are surrounded by misinformation and reluctance to understand the implications of these comatose states. Nevertheless, many legal cases are settled in court without much attention. Exposure to the media may solicit physician opinions, and these cases may easily become a spectacle.

Bioethical issues do surface under these circumstances.

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