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Lawrence hates being teased about his dimples, but nothing he does seems to make any difference.

What's the meaning of the phrase 'A frog in the throat'?

Joe goes right on teasing him, and the teasing gets meaner and meaner. Finally, Lawrence notices something about his friend Stewart that may provide the tool he needs to tease-proof himself once and for all.

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Kate is determined to win her spelling club's spelling bee, but the competition is fierce. She can almost put up with Violet's relentless claims of superior spelling ability, but when Kate and Jake begin to fight with each other, Kate is miserable. She wants to win the contest, but she doesn't want to lose her best friend.

In behind the raspberry bushes is a special place, a place Abby doesn't trust to just anyone.

There's a Frog in My Throat -- Animal Sayings

Then she looks through a knothole in the fence and right into a blue, blue eye. A toy tractor appears on her side of the fence and she pokes her little brother's stuffed blue monkey into the hole.

frog in (one's) throat

Could refer to actual hoarseness or the inability to speak due to fear. This cold has left me with such a frog in my throat that I can barely talk! A: "Elise couldn't say a word in the meeting and looked completely terrified.

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  • Often regarded as a sign of fear. I feel like I'm getting a frog in my throat when I have to speak in public.

    I Feel Better with a Frog in My Throat: History's Strangest Cures

    She says she gets a frog in her throat when she is nervous. During a viral illness, mucus can also clog up the inner workings of the voice box leaving you sounding husky.

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    If it's not seasonal allergies and you don't have a cold, sore throat, or flu, Franco says the likely culprit is "silent reflux," known as laryngopharyngeal reflux LPR. Acid from the stomach can come up and hit the bottom part of the throat irritating the delicate voice box. When this happens less than 50 times a day, that's normal. When LPR reflux happens more frequently provoked by such common triggers as spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, carbonated beverages, and smoking, it can irritate the throat over time.

    Little Bear I'll Be You, You'll Be Me Frog In My Throat The Puddle Jumper

    To defend itself from the acid backwash, the throat blankets itself with a mucus coating. But if too much mucus buildups as a protection against reflux, it may cause excessive throat clearing, a persistent cough, or "a frog in the throat. A froggy throat is often a temporary annoyance that goes away after a viral illness runs its course or allergy symptoms are relieved.

    If it's from silent reflux, start by avoiding the dietary or lifestyle habits that trigger acid into the throat.